Make a lasting impact by giving a young man in need a second chance.

Help Jacob's Ladder provide recovery opportunities.

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Twenty-two million Americans are struggling with addiction, affecting 100 million family members. One in every three Americans is directly affected by this disorder. In the US, alcohol and other drugs claim more than 135,000 lives every year, that's 370 per day - or 15 people dying every hour. Of the 22 million Americans struggling with addiction, only 2 million are receiving specialized treatment; 20 million Americans are not getting the help they need. Jacob's Ladder at Brookside Farm opened to provide treatment to those suffering. The goal of the Jacob's Ladder program is to foster awakening, and authenticity through the synthesis of the 12-step principles, self-discovery through the deliberate practice of mindfulness, facilitation of expert clinical treatment, and interactive connection with a working farm environment. Your generous donation will provide these young men the opportunity to heal.

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